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October 23, 2017

New Video: AVO’s: What, How & Going to Court

Got an AVO? Know someone who does? Lost and confused at court?

At Central Coast CLC, we are proud to launch our brand new video resource about Apprehended Violence Orders. This video explains in everyday English what an AVO is, how to get one, what to do if one is taken out against you and what to do at court.

This video is both for applicants (people needing to take out an AVO for their protection) and for defendants (people who have had an AVO taken out against them).

It is a great resource to watch to get an overall picture of the legal and court processes that happen when an AVO is taken out. However, if you have watched the video and still have specific questions about an AVO, you can get free legal advice from:

Central Coast Community Legal Centre: (02) 4353 4988
Legal Aid NSW (Gosford): (02) 4324 5611

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